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The Exterior Company Launches “Under One Roof” Initiative to Strengthen Internal Bonds During Pandemic


Despite being deemed essential and able to work through COVID, The Exterior Company staff has not been immune to the challenges of the pandemic. This individual-level of instability presents a real threat to the team dynamic that has been shaped over 8 years in the roofing business. To brace their foundation, the company rolled out “Under One Roof”, an initiative to help each employee’s needs be met, to validate the importance of all positions, and to reinforce how a team can collectively perform more than the sum of the individuals. To underscore the effort, focus has been put on giving back to the community to emphasize how the impact of a strong team can transcend the office walls.


“What matters most to them is always the right move,” says President Ryan Hoke.


Being flexible with employee’s needs during the pandemic has allowed employees to manage external challenges while still performing within the company. The first aim of “Under One Roof” was to grant immediate relief for many employees’ newfound challenges. For some, this means flexible hours to work around a lack of childcare. For others, a temporary restructuring of their role is allowing productive employment to continue in an industry where many have been left without. This level of grace has led to TEC making the list of PA’s Best Places to Work for the past 4 years.


Ensuring every employee knows how their individual role contributes toward the company mission is another leg of the initiative. “A compassionate company culture works like a magnet, to tightly gather all minds. The company mission then serves to unify that energy, and push it into motion,” says Joe Hydrick, business development manager. Importance has been placed on showing each employee how their role has a meaningful impact on the health and position of the company, a point that can easily get lost in the daily noise. The company is driving alignment by educating employees on how all departments contribute to the shared company mission. Employees are even spending time in other departments working alongside their teammates to further grasp the interplay between all roles and responsibilities.


The initiative also aims to showcase the capability of the TEC team to do-good, on a level that extends well beyond job descriptions. TEC has rallied the team and is using the horsepower to give back to the community, offering meal and prescription delivery to anyone in need. Additionally, TEC is supporting Wonder Kids, an early learning program for children in families who cannot afford traditional educational pre-K and kindergarten programs. Through the PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit program, TEC has contributed $150,000 to Wonder Kids. Despite the economic rifts of the pandemic, TEC expects its contributions to the local community to be as impactful as ever, largely due to the “Under One Roof” mission.


In uncertain times, TEC has successfully braced for impact by strengthening the golden asset-the team. “Under One Roof” has been a successful campaign that is relieving, validating, and empowering employees, while showcasing the incredible force of a team in alignment.


Article initially published on, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, and more.

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