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3 Things You Should Know About Your Roof Before Selling Your Home

Getting your home ready for a sale is never easy. From cleaning and decluttering to organizing—and then there is the inspection of each little detail surrounding the structure of the home. Gone are the days of just throwing a home on the market and seeing how it plays out. Prepping for sale is key in getting top dollar and selling your home quickly. One of the biggest sticking points in home buying and selling is the condition of the roof.  If you are getting ready to list your home, you should know:


  • Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced
  • Benefits of Replacing or Repairing Your Roof
  • Will it Increase the Value of Your Home?


Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced

When potential buyers are looking at your home, one of their main areas of focus is the roof. For this reason, it is worth taking the time to do a thorough inspection…and here is how:


  • One of the easiest ways to determine if your roof is in bad shape is by getting into your attic. With a flashlight in hand, look for any light shining in from outside, any sagging areas, dark spots or trails that indicate moisture is getting inside and causing mold, and
    finally, check for leaks or water damage.


  • From outside your home, look for damage to the shingles (split, cracked or curling).


  • Check your gutters to see if granules are piling up. As shingles break apart, granules wash away during rainstorms and collect in gutters.


  • Inspect any vents, skylights, or chimney areas to identify any wear or compromised seals.


While some of these signs are easy to spot, a certified roofing expert can easily identify areas of weakness or damage through a FREE roof inspection. Our team at The Exterior Company is trained to spot damage and determine if it may have been caused by a storm, in which case your insurance may kick in to cover the cost of a new roof.


At the end of the day, if your roof is more than 20-years old, there is a good chance something will be flagged during a home inspection. That is why it is good to get ahead of any questions, and to make the repairs or replacements before the issue can be used as a negotiating tactic during the home sale.


Benefits of Replacing or Repairing Your Roof Before Selling Your Home


By replacing or repairing your roof before sale, you will have the upper hand when it comes to negotiations. You can use the brand-new roof as leverage to justify and stick to your pricing. In fact, you will likely attract more people to your home if you list the new roof in your home description! The new roof will also enhance your curb appeal, which pulls the potential buyer inside.


Will it Increase the Value of Your Home?


First, you have to consider the cost of replacing a roof. It can vary drastically based on the square footage and the slope; however, most roof replacements fall between $5,000 and $10,000. Here’s the good news—according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value report, a new roof increases home resale value by a national average of $16,000. Add the extra curb appeal in a competitive market and you are able to see why replacing the roof should be high priority when getting ready for a sale.


Replacing a roof is a big decision. If you are considering it, please, give The Exterior Company a call. One of our Project Managers will thoroughly examine your roof for free, and if they determine the damage could have been caused by a recent storm, they’ll work with you to file an insurance claim. If they find damage and it’s not caused by the storm, they’ll walk you through the entire process—from material selection to installation—and they’ll be with you every step of the way!


Call for a FREE INSPECTION today at 855-766-3264.

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