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Like many of life’s tough decisions, finding the right roofing contractor can be overwhelming. Purchasing a new roof or undergoing roof repairs is a significant financial investment. It’s a decision with many factors to consider. Most homeowners simply don’t have the knowledge that’s required to know when to repair or replace their roofs and what the best materials are.

That’s where choosing the right roofing contractor can make all the difference. The best roofing contractors are not only experienced and skilled in the craft of roofing, but they also have certain professional characteristics that distinguish them from the competition.

Because roofing is such a specialized skill, it’s easy for companies to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners who are desperate for roof repairs. The best roofing contractor for you is one who will take the time to inspect your roof, diagnose problems and make fair and reasonable recommendations that aren’t just about a quick cash grab. A good roofing contractor values their customers and knows that by providing excellent service, they’re earning repeat business and future referrals.

Factors to Look at When Choosing a Roofing Contractor

roofing contractor earns business through referrals

When choosing a roofing contractor, it’s important to do your homework. You want to look into the company’s background and their legitimacy. To avoid hiring a fly-by-night company or being tricked by storm chasers, you need to check off some standard criteria to make sure you’re working with a reputable organization.

Here are five points to look at when doing a routine background check on roofing contractors near you.

Company history: The first thing to look at when choosing a roofing contractor is the company’s background. You’ll want to look at things like how long they’ve been in business, whether they have their own tradespeople or they hire subtrades and which siding manufacturers they’re suppliers of. It’s also important not to assume that a company isn’t qualified just because they’re new. How long a business has been around is just one indicator.

Local operation: Once you’ve browsed the company’s website to get a better feel for their history, you’ll want to double-check that they serve your area. The best roofing contractor for you will be one who is familiar with your climate. Roofing contractors need to understand weather patterns and know which types of materials are best, based on possible roof damage during harsh winter conditions.

Certifications: Did you know roofing contractors can be certified by the manufacturer of the products they install? Certain manufacturers of roofing products want to make sure that whoever is installing their products knows how to do it properly and professionally. Look for the certification Master Elite®, which indicates the manufacturer has certified that the contractor is licensed, insured and reputable.

Guarantees: Reputable roofing contractors use reputable products that are backed up by manufacturers’ warranties. But a truly excellent roofing contractor will also have their own installation guarantee that ensures the long-term quality of their craftsmanship. When looking for roofing contractors near you, don’t forget to look into installer guarantees. These guarantees can tell you if the company stands behind their work.

Licensing and insurance: If a contractor has a Master Elite® certification, you can be sure they’re professional and legitimate. Roofing contractors need adequate business licensing to operate in your area. They also need to comply with workers’ compensation and liability insurance. You want to make sure whoever is working on your roof is properly insured to avoid being liable if anything goes wrong.

These points are just part of your initial investigation. Before spending any further time researching a company, you want to make sure they meet these minimum requirements. A business’ history, location, certifications, and insurance coverage will tell you whether a company is even in the running. Once they’ve passed the sniff test, you can then move on to their overall standing with past and current customers.

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7 Things All Satisfied Customers Say About Their Roofing Contractor

Any company worth their salt will be certified and insured. But to make sure you have an excellent customer experience, you need to see what others like you are saying. This is where customer reviews and testimonials can help highlight the stellar roofing contractors and weed out the average ones.

You can find reviews on places like Yelp, Google and Facebook, as well as published testimonials on the company’s website. By browsing through these platforms, you can learn more about what to expect based on the experiences of the company’s customers.

These indicators will good predictors of how your overall experience will be. If you’re wondering, “How can I find excellent roofing contractors near me?”, look for some specific and common indicators among customer testimonials and online reviews. Overall, the most satisfied customers for roofing contractors will give positive feedback in these seven areas:

1. Response time and schedule flexibility

2. Professional recommendations and advice

3. Product and materials knowledge

4. Help with insurance claims

5. Thoroughness of the job and attention to detail

6. Satisfaction with final product

7. Customer recommendations and referrals

Let’s look at each of these points in detail, so you know what to expect when dealing with a roofing company. We’ll also share some actual TEC customer reviews and recommendations. By looking at positive reviews from TEC customers, you’ll learn more about the high standards our roofing company sets when it comes to customer experience.

1. Response Time and Schedule Flexibility

From start to finish, you deserve to have a positive experience with a roofing company. That means professionalism and respect for your time. Upon your first point of contact right through to project wrap-up, you should expect prompt, courteous communication. Look for a company that returns your calls and follows up on time.

You’ll know pretty quickly whether a company will be easy to deal with by how pleasant your first encounter is with their staff. Here’s what Rich Hoffmaster had to say about TEC’s commitment to respecting customer time:

We are very pleased with our new roof! Joe Jarkowsky worked with us through the whole process with our insurance company, and when our new roof was being installed, he was excellent to work with! The roofing crew showed up at 7:15 a.m., and let me tell you, they worked like crazy all day long and finished up and had everything cleaned up by 5:30! Great company to do business with! – Rich Hoffmaster

2. Professional Recommendations and Advice

If your roof has suffered damage or it’s simply just wearing out, you’ll likely have lots of questions. You’ll want to know whether your roof can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced. You’ll also need to know the cost difference between repairing and replacing a roof. Ultimately, you’ll need to understand which option gives you the best value.

That’s why it’s critical to work with an honest and professional roofing contractor. Excellent roofing companies will inspect your roof, consider any potential damage, look for hidden problems and accurately diagnose the issue. The best roofing contractor for you will be one you feel is trustworthy and makes reasonable recommendations.

When it comes to the professionalism of a roofing company, satisfied customers wil always tell you representatives were helpful, knowledgeable and answered all their questions. A great example of this is Ludie Martin’s experience in working with TEC:

Dave Allen, the salesperson I worked with, was great. He took the time to explain in great detail every question or concern that I had. The work crew did a beautiful job, and I am very pleased with all aspects of their work. Would not hesitate to recommend this company. – Ludie Martin

3. Product and Materials Knowledge

roofing contractors review product options

As you may have gathered, there is a lot to know about roofing. Much of this expertise comes down to the types of materials used to cover a roof. Roofing experts have an impressive level of product knowledge, but won’t overwhelm you with it.

The best roofing contractors understand your roof’s architecture and age, as well as your local climate and how all these factors play a role in the choice of materials. Roofing contractors will also review product options, like styles and colors, to help you choose the best products to enhance your curb appeal.

Additionally, expert roofing professionals will help you consider things the average homeowner may overlook. This includes shingle discoloration and how to best match shingles on a repair job. After all, this is why you hire a trusted expert — to have your best interests in mind.

That’s exactly how TEC customer Heather Schell felt about our professionalism and knowledge:

What a professional and knowledgeable company to have for your roofing needs. Dan and Darren have been a pleasure through the process, explaining what to expect and helping with the insurance end as well. I highly recommend anybody who needs roofing replacement done to call TEC. – Heather Schell

4. Insurance Claims Assistance

Unfortunately, many homeowners are in search of a roofing contractor because their home has suffered hail, snow and wind damage. This means they need to open an insurance claim, which is a daunting enough task on its own.

Roofing contractors who put their customers first will offer to help you with your insurance claim. They’ll know exactly how the process works, and they’ll do their best to alleviate this burden. Countless satisfied customers mention help with insurance claims in their positive reviews of roofing contractors. That’s because while to the company it’s part of their job, to the customer, it’s an invaluable way to go the extra mile.

Jake Chaney is a perfect example of a TEC customer who appreciates that his homeowner’s insurance was quick and easy to process:

We had a pretty big hail storm in MA two months ago. The Exterior Company worked fluidly with my homeowner’s insurance company and streamlined the entire process. – Jake Chaney

5. Job Thoroughness and Attention to Detail

A roofing contractor can create an excellent customer experience in many ways. Largely, it comes down to the company’s overall attention to detail. Companies that pay attention to detail in the following ways get rave reviews from their customers:

-Provide a clear estimate that fully outlines the costs, scope of work and start and completion dates and times

-Take steps to ensure the least amount of disruption at the customer’s home

-Place protective coverings over the customer’s garden beds and trees, as well as pools and water features

-Be mindful of the customer’s gutters and other structures on the roof and around the house

-Clean up thoroughly after the project is complete by removing trash, tools and other parts

From start to finish, customers should feel like all aspects of the project are taken care of. Roofing companies that are committed to customer service can anticipate a homeowner’s questions and concerns and address everything to the homeowner’s satisfaction. Additionally, excellent roofing contractors go the extra mile and are committed to ongoing relationships, even after the project is over.

That’s exactly what Steve Kauffman had to say about his experience with TEC:

Excellent company, plan on using them for all my exterior work. Request Dave, he was personable and incredibly easy to work with. My roof was completed in two days and the crew was very sensitive to our landscaping. They made sure every piece of debris was cleaned up when they were finished. We had an issue with some runoff staining the trim around the gutters. Dave came back and personally cleaned the entire perimeter of our home. This company goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. – Steve Kauffman

6. Satisfaction With Final Product

reviews and testimonials as indicators

All customers want the project to go smoothly. But in the end, what they really expect is a result that exceeds their expectations. Roofing contractors who are a cut above their competition are focused on their customers’ satisfaction with the final product. They look forward to earning their customers’ seal of approval in response to their work.

Excellent roofing companies will have multiple reviews all exclaiming this same thing. When sifting through reviews and testimonials, be sure to take stock of how many times customers give positive feedback about the final product. That’s a tremendous testimony and a huge indicator that they’re the right company for you.

At TEC, we’re grateful to have countless positive reviews that all come back to one thing: Our customers are happy with the final result. Take TEC customer Laurie Bosak, for example:

Working with TEC has been great! The two reps we worked with, Sam and J.T., were friendly, knowledgeable and available to answer our questions and concerns. They walked us through the process and were present during the time the roof work took place. We’re so happy with our new roof! – Laurie Bosak

7. Recommendations and Referrals

The highest compliment anyone in business can receive is a recommendation or referral from a past customer. When a customer says they’re willing to recommend a business or even go so far as to provide a referral, you know they are truly satisfied customers.

Recommending a company means the customer is staking their own reputation, as well. With a recommendation, a customer is declaring they’re confident the company can replicate the same results.

Roofing contractors that have earned recommendations and referrals are likely the ones you can trust the most. If you’ve noticed that the roofing company you’re leaning toward has mostly five-star reviews and lots of recommendations, you’ve found the right contractor to work with.

Customer satisfaction should be the No. 1 priority for roofing contractors, and recommendations are icing on the cake. Jewel Hunter Despenza is one satisfied TEC customer who enthusiastically offers her recommendation:

I expected the process of replacing my roof to be a grueling experience. I was pleasantly surprised. Yosef was very thorough throughout the entire process. He assisted me in submitting the claim to my insurance company, gave me valuable input on selecting the shingles, informed me of what to expect when the contractors arrived, ensured the team cleaned up all the resulting debris and followed up with me in person both days of the install to ensure I was happy with how things were progressing. I highly recommend this company to anyone considering replacement of their roof. – Jewel Hunter Despanza

Choose TEC for Your Roofing Project

customers make recomendations

By now you should have a clear idea of what to look for when choosing the right roofing contractor for you. An excellent roofing contractor should be equipped to operate with certified tradespeople who are experts in roof repairs in your area. The company should have a great track record and be fully licensed and insured. They should offer guarantees on their craftsmanship and be certified by the manufacturer as authorized installers.

Beyond a company’s legitimacy, you want to understand the level of customer service the roofing contractor provides. Online reviews can tell you a lot about the average customer experience and what you can expect. Look for satisfied customers raving about response times, product knowledge and expertise.

Satisfied customers appreciate the help they receive from their roofing contractor with their insurance claims. They love that their chosen contractor kept their property protected from debris and did a thorough clean-up afterward. Above all, the most satisfied customers of roofing contractors are so pleased with their new roof that they wouldn’t hesitate to make a recommendation to other homeowners.

At TEC, we’re proud to be a fully licensed and manufacturer-certified roofing company in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey. We’re proud of the testimonials we’ve earned through our commitment to customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for the best roofing contractor near you, contact TEC today to get started on your roofing project.

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