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We believe it is important to see where the product is coming from. How is it made? Is the actual product as good as the label depicts? Since quality control is one of our top priorities, we wanted to go behind the scenes to see for ourselves that the GAF product is durable and stand the test of time on our customers’ roofs. In order to have a greater understanding of the product we use and endorse, we visited the GAF plant in Myerstown, PA, the place where the shingles that we put on your roof are made.

We spoke with the factory foreman and employees about how the shingles are made. The fiber core is cross-woven for increased durability. There were no extraneous or organic fillers added – this is a cheap way of being able to boast shingle weight and thickness – and none of this takes place in the production of the shingles that will go up on your roof. We learned the GAF takes quality control so seriously that they will throw away for recycling any run of shingles that do not pass the test for durability – for each roll of fiber core, samples are taken and placed on a machine and tested for pliability, uniformity, thickness, and for loose granules. This ensures that the shingles that end up on your roof have been

Of course, we learned that the GAF shingles that go on your roof are made by a company that is American owned, and also produced right here in PA. The employees receive a good living wage, benefits, and retirement. And you are supporting this when you support out company.

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