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Time Is Almost Up to File a Claim for Last May’s Hail Storm!

The storm that rolled through New England, killing five and knocking out power to nearly 500,000 homeowners last May, unleashed destructive winds and enormous hail. Nearly a year later, home and car owners are still filing claims to repair the damage. At The Exterior Company, we find many homeowners are unaware most insurance companies’ policies only allow up to a year to file a claim.  With time running out, we are reminding homeowners of the following:


  • Hail Damage is Not Always Visible from the Ground
  • Getting a Free Inspection Could Save Homeowners Thousands of Dollars
  • The Exterior Company is the Roofing Expert in Hail and Wind Damage


Hail Damage is Not Always Visible from the Ground

Most storms won’t completely wreck a roof, but they will compromise the structural integrity of the shingles and underlayment, leaving homeowners vulnerable over time to leaks, rot, slipped shingles, and other deterioration. Hail damage that goes unnoticed and unrepaired could take years off the life of a roof. Here are the types of damage not always visible, but often very costly down the road:


  • Loose shingle granules:  Hail can cause the granules on shingles to loosen and fall off. While this might not seem like a big deal, enough missing granules can expose the asphalt coating below. While leaks aren’t immediate, it won’t take long for these April showers to turn into a big problem.
  • Cracked Fiberglass Mat: Occasionally, an impact will be so severe it will damage the fiberglass mat below the asphalt surface. This damage isn’t always apparent, and can lead to water infiltration over time.













“Homeowners often step outside in the aftermath of a storm and take a look at their home and say, ‘Whew! We escaped that one with little to no damage’. The problem is, because they are not properly trained on what to look for, they miss the damage,” says Ryan Hoke, President of The Exterior Company.


Getting a Free Inspection Could Save Homeowners Thousands of Dollars

A lot of homeowners don’t realize most storm damaged roofs are covered by homeowners insurance. The average cost of a new roof can be anywhere between ten to fifteen-thousand dollars.  It’s not an expense homeowners ever want to pay out of pocket. So, when a storm hits, getting a FREE inspection could mean a new, free roof—minus the deductible.


Again—in most cases, that insurance claim must be filed within a year of the storm. “Our number one priority is to be able to help customers protect their home and those in it from any further damage. The last thing we want to see is a homeowner take too long to get their inspection, or worse, experience a leak, and then have to pay out of pocket for their repairs and replacement,” adds Hoke.


The Exterior Company Is the Roofing Expert in Hail and Wind Damage

Don’t ever assume your home wasn’t damaged without a professional opinion. Our certified Project Managers know what to look for, and they will work with your insurance company to make sure you aren’t dealing with water leaks down the road.


TEC has achieved an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, we’ve provided new roofs to more than 10,000 happy customers, we offer the best warranties in the entire roofing industry, and our work is guaranteed.  Call The Exterior Company today, for a FREE, no obligation inspection. Taking the step is easy…but time is running out!






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