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JAARS is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the lives and communities of people in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. By sharing God’s Word and providing Scripture to people around the world, JAARS’s missionaries, volunteers and several employees provide Bible translations in the language people understand best — their heart language. JAARS works with prayer, financial and language development partners in the U.S. to make their missions possible.

How JAARS Makes a Difference

In some of the most problematic and remote places on Earth, JAARS accomplishes Bible translations and language development. Through transportation, technology, media and training, the organization enables sustainable solutions to support their overall goal.

The objective is to help people in certain areas get practical support to translate the Bible for others in their community. JAARS researches solutions they will need, including the right technology, the best way to travel and how God’s Word can be shared to help people grow. Once they devise a plan, JAARS connects an individual to a translation organization and to people who can make the project a reality.

Spreading God’s Word

Third World countries often experience natural disasters that leave people stranded on small islands surrounded by flooded roads. Sometimes villages are only accessible by helicopter transportation. Communities without God’s Word are often found in the most problematic places to reach, but that doesn’t stop JAARS. They adapt to different complications and vulnerabilities to ensure translation spreads. JAARS helps communities via land, water and air transportation.

About Bible Translations

JAARS believes Bible translation in people’s native language is an excellent resource for knowing God. When people can read the Bible in their own language, His Word can speak to not only their minds, but also their hearts. JAARS has faith that the Bible, different languages and all communities are important no matter where in the world.

How The Exterior Company Is Involved

The Exterior Company is making a monetary donation to a JAARS pilot and family, allowing the non-profit organization to provide appropriate materials to communities in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Materials can include things such as equipment, transportation, technology and supplies to share translations.

How You Can Help

We encourage you to visit the non-profit organization’s website to learn more about how you can get involved. JAARS offers open positions to Godly people in jobs such as project management, writing and editing, fundraising and even aviation mechanics. You can contact JAARS for more information and to learn how you can help spread God’s Word.

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