The Exterior Company is On the Move - Restoring old Tobacco Warehouse

The Exterior Company is On the Move

It’s what The Exterior Company does best…and in this case, it’s a win for everyone! By the summer of 2020, TEC will have taken what has been a vacant, dilapidated property in downtown Lancaster, and given it new life. The company recently purchased the historic tobacco warehouse built back in 1886, and restoration work is already underway.


“It’s definitely a fixer-upper. It will take a lot of work, including replacing the entire electrical system and roof, adding windows and installing heating, cooling and plumbing,” says Ryan Hoke, founder and CEO of The Exterior Company.


As part of the $2.7 million project, TEC will be moving its West Hempfield Township headquarters to its new urban home at 311 Harrisburg Avenue, across the street from Clipper Magazine Stadium. While company growth is the main reason for the move, there are a lot of added benefits of being in downtown Lancaster.


“Anyone who knows or works for our company understands how important our employees are to us. They work hard, and we want them to feel great about the space that doubles as a second home to them. That said, we asked for ideas for this new space, and they aren’t holding back. From rock climbing walls to get to the second floor…to relaxation pods, our employees are coming up with some pretty cool ideas. There’s a lot of excitement and great energy surrounding this move,” adds Hoke. “Not only is this old warehouse a great space for our growing team, but the location puts our employees within walking distance to restaurants and entertainment. It also provides great exposure for us by passing motorists and Barnstormer fans.”


While Hoke is keeping most of the plans for the 10,500 square-foot space under wraps, he anticipates using a 4,000 square-foot area on the first and second floors for office space, and a 2,500 square-foot area for a game room and employee lounge. A deck will also go on the third-floor.


The old tobacco warehouse more than doubles the size of the company’s current location on Corporate Boulevard. The expansion is needed for sure! The Exterior Company has gone from just shy of 60-employees in 2019 to more than 80 employees so far in 2020…and with the momentum the company has been experiencing; there is no doubt it will grow even more.


In 2019, TEC posted revenue of $52 million, up from $36 million the previous year. The fast-paced rise in revenue has landed the company on Inc. magazine’s annual list of fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. since 2016.


“Most of our success has come from installing residential roofing in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Florida. We’ve gotten a lot of requests through the years for commercial bids, but we’ve always been too busy to go after them all. Right now, commercial projects account for about 20% of our revenue, but we’re looking to change that by adding about a dozen people dedicated to the commercial side of the business.”


Ryan Hoke is a graduate of Hempfield High School and went to Harrisburg Area Community College before starting the company in 2012.


“We have been extremely fortunate to experience the success we have had and are very grateful for our community that has played a big part in that. We are thrilled to be able to take an historic property that’s been sitting vacant in our area and give it new life, and we’re very excited to see what 2020 brings! We do know a few things are sure…we’ll have new neighbors, a growing team, and a lot of baseball games in our future!”



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