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Thank you for choosing The Exterior Company for your roofing project! We strive to provide superior customer service and with that, we know how important it is to build the proper expectations prior to us starting our work on your property. To help you prepare for the job, we’ve assembled a list of easy-to-follow roofing steps that will give you a better understanding of our process:


  • Access to your home: Unlike many home improvement projects, the majority of the roofing installation process takes place outside. That means you don’t have to be there while we work. You won’t have to burn a vacation day or find someone to “babysit” your house while we’re working.
  • Scheduling: A basic roofing process only takes one to two days to complete. We’ll work with you to pick a convenient time to perform your installation. On the chosen day, expect us to arrive around 7 a.m., as this gives us a better chance to complete the job by the end of the day. Factors such as inclement weather, a shortage of materials, etc. could cause a delay.
  • Preconstruction: Implementing a few preparation steps on your end can ensure your installation project goes smoothly. Examples include parking your vehicles along the street instead of leaving them in the driveway, moving outdoor furniture, barbecue grills, etc. away from the side of your home and covering items in the attic to keep dust off. As a courtesy, you might also want to give your neighbors a heads-up about your upcoming roofing installation procedure.
  • Greenery: We do our best to work around any plants, shrubs or trees that are close to the roof. However, it’s possible there could be some slight, unavoidable damage such as broken limbs or the loss of leaves or foliage. Please let us know about any significant issues as soon as possible, so we can compensate you for the damage.
  • Gutters: Gutter mounting is usually the last step in a roof installation procedure. In most cases, this occurs approximately one month after the completion of the rest of the process.
  • Satellite dish: If you have a rooftop TV dish, we’ll likely need to remove and then reattach it. If you subsequently experience signal or connectivity issues, contact your satellite provider to correct the problem. We’ll cover the bill!
  • Dumpster: Be ready for us to place a dumpster on your property to collect all the debris. We’ll drop it off about three days before your project date and pick it up within two days after completion.
  • Cleanup: We take pride in leaving properties in the condition in which we found them. We’ll conduct a thorough cleanup after your roofing installation procedure. We’ll pick up and dispose of any excess roofing materials and debris. We’ll also do a sweep with a magnet to collect as many loose nails as possible.
  • Final walkthrough: The last of the roofing steps entails a walkthrough with the project manager to ensure all work meets your satisfaction. We recommend that you conduct a brief solo inspection before the walkthrough and make a list of any items you’d like us to address.

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We’ll be happy to address these roofing steps and any other areas of concern.  Please feel free to call us toll-free at 855-766-3264 with any questions you might have!

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