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We are fortunate to be able to remain open at this time and do not take that lightly.


Our number one goal throughout all of this, and the sole purpose of our business, is to always serve and do right by our community. We will do everything in our power to keep you safe while restoring your home, sustaining your “critical need” for shelter.


The Exterior Company is a Life-Sustaining Business according to Governor Tom Wolf and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are permitted to continue our insurance restoration operations, along with necessary home repairs, as it is “necessary for the safety of Pennsylvania citizens.” While our physical office is temporarily closed, our staff is WORKING REMOTELY. Our phone lines are open to schedule a free inspection, and we are taking great care in handling all communications and associated work without face-to-face interactions.


We encourage everyone to unite together to get through these unprecedented times. We want to send our most heartfelt thoughts and support to any and all families who may need it.





 Zero transmission and social distancing is our mantra right now, and we’re backing that with action.  When you call The Exterior Company for a roof repair or replacement, or for us to do a FREE INSPECTION to check for storm damage, this is what you can expect:


  1. Homeowner shares information and exterior needs via phone call, website form or email (
  2. Project Manager reaches out to schedule an appointment time
  3. Project Manager texts or calls homeowner upon arrival to appointment
  4. With permission given via the phone, our Project Manager inspects roof and/or home for damage
  5. Project Manager shares inspection findings either via video call (FaceTime, GChat, Skype, etc.), photos (or all of the above depending on homeowner preference)
  6. Videos/photos are shared with homeowner via email
  7. Project Manager discusses next steps with homeowner via a phone call


If it is determined a homeowner has any storm damage and a roof or exterior repair is necessary, your Project Manager will communicate digitally using the abovementioned forms of communication. At no time will there be face-to-face contact.







Free Deliveries of Medical and Other Essential Groceries


The Exterior Company has nearly 100 employees who were mostly born and raised in Central Pennsylvania. In this time of uncertainty, many of them are hearing stories from family members, neighbors and customers who are afraid to leave their homes to get vital prescription medications and other essential grocery items.


As the wait list for deliveries grows longer each day, employees at TEC began discussing how they could help the community. The question struck a nerve with TEC’s president, Ryan Hoke, whose father just had triple bypass surgery and who has risk factors that make this a very real threat for his family.


“I knew how this situation has been affecting us, so it no doubt is affecting other families in our community. We are fortunate that my father lives just five minutes away and we are able to help him get the items he needs. There are other families out there who aren’t as fortunate. That’s how this whole idea originated. I asked my team if anyone would be interested in volunteering, to deliver prescriptions and other essential groceries to our community members who can’t get out right now. I was overwhelmed by the response, but not surprised. We have a great team here and they are once again stepping up,” says Ryan Hoke, president of The Exterior Company.


TEC’s team of volunteers is standing by and ready to help anyone who is immune-compromised, a senior, or who is stuck at home with kids and can’t get out for prescription medication or essential groceries. With safety top-of-mind, Hoke is asking his employees who are volunteering to follow the same guidelines recently put into place for his workers doing roof repairs and replacements. Zero transmission and social distancing is TEC’s mantra right now, and the company is backing that with action.


Here is how TEC’s delivery volunteers will be operating:

  1. Anyone in need of a delivery contacts TEC by phone or Facebook (details below)
  2. Needs, along with a plan for prescription or grocery pick-up are established
  3. TEC team member picks up essential item(s)
  4. TEC team member places products on homeowner’s doorstep
  5. TEC team member texts or calls homeowner from car to indicate delivery has arrived
  6. Once homeowner gets the items from their porch, team member gives a friendly wave and drives away


“Seeing how the core of our business and my ultimate mission for The Exterior Company is to always best serve our community after natural disasters/circumstances beyond one’s control, this seemed like the perfect time to step up and help,” says Hoke.


Financial Assistance for Groceries


During these deliveries, the volunteers are seeing an even greater need. Many people are struggling to come up with the money for essential groceries for their families. The Exterior Company is pitching in to help…and has set up a GoFundMe® page for other community members who want to help their struggling neighbors in need of grocery money.


Meal Donations


The Exterior Company, which has teamed up with the Water Street Mission in the Past, is teaming up with them again during COVID-19 by matching up to 500 meal donations.


We encourage everyone to unite together to get through these unprecedented times. We want to send our most heartfelt thoughts and support to any and all families who may need it.


To schedule a delivery with TEC, visit the company’s Facebook page and send a message, or call the office at 855-766-3264 and leave a message. 

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