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All jobs involving construction necessarily entail that materials and equipment are on the job site – in the case of roofing – directly on the roof and around the perimeter of the house. There are thousands of nails that are removed with the old roof and thousands used with the new roof. Lots of nails – and it is inherent in the job that some of those nails end up on the ground.
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We believe that no homeowner should have to worry about finding a nail in their tire or worse, finding one with their foot. In order to ensure that this does not happen, we thoroughly sweep around the property with a magnetic nail sweeper. The magnet is strong enough to even lift nails tangled in the grass. Of course, with the use of the Equipter roof buggy for direct removal of the old roofing materials from the roof to disposal, the number of nails on the ground is decreased considerably. The remaining nails are removed by the magnetic sweeper. For around the mulch beds or tighter areas, we use a hand held magnetic nail lifter. We visually inspect any walkways, driveways, and high traffic areas after thoroughly grooming them for nails. Might one nail end up somewhere untouched when we leave? This is possible. However, it is our policy that no nail should be on a walkway, driveway, or any area that is routinely walked upon. Our goal is to leave no nail anywhere but where it belongs on the roof. With this goal in mind, less nails are found by our customers than any company that does not stick to this goal and who also do not use the same effective equipment that we use.

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