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Hurricane Matthew officially made landfall on October 8, 2016 southeast of McClellanville, South Carolina. At the time, Matthew was classified as a Category 1 Hurricane, which means wind speed in the eye of the storm ranged from 74-95 mph. Massive flooding occurred throughout both Carolina coasts. The water level at Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC

shattered a hurricane record of 1954’s Hurricane Hazel. The wake of Matthew left 34 people dead in the United States, including 17 in North Carolina, according to Governor Pat McCrory on October 11th, 2016. For those that survived, it will soon be time to rebuild and repair all of the damage left by the merciless Hurricane Matthew.
hurricane matthews impact
The Exterior Company (TEC) recognizes the importance of providing our services to the Carolinas in this time of need. The excessive wind damage to roofs caused by Matthew needs to be repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible so that people can return to a safe, dry home or restore their livelihoods through their businesses.
hurricane matthew roof damage
A. Wind damage to an asphalt shingle roof. B. Shingles displaced from windward roof slope.

Some damage from Hurricane Matthew will be clearly evident. Other damage from the storm will not be as noticeable. Wind damage can often appear to be subtle; however, even seemingly minor damage can cause several unforeseen issues in your home. Wind can tear or remove your shingles, exposing the roof decking, underlayment, or older shingles. This makes your home vulnerable to the elements and leaks are a possibility, even if you don’t notice one right away. Some shingles may lift and curl, allowing wind-driven rain to wreck havoc on your roof. Debris from a storm may also dent or bruise shingles.

TEC offers a free inspection, which always a way to ensure the safety of your roof after a major weather event. You can have peace of mind knowing that TEC specializes in insurance restoration. Each member of the TEC team is specially trained to identify storm-related damages, such as wind and hail damage. TEC constantly communicates with your insurance company to ensure each customer receives the best replacement materials for their home. TEC strives to provide quality service from start to finish.

If you or your family’s home or place of business has been affected by Hurricane Matthew, call TEC today for your FREE, no obligation roof inspection. TEC can also assist any other exterior needs, such as siding and gutters. Let TEC help you today.

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