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Winterizing your roof and the exterior of your home will help keep you safe and warm during whatever winter throws your way. Here are a few steps you can take to help ensure a safe and happy winter:
winterize your roof
Clean out your gutters. Dirt and debris can get stuck in your gutters and cause major issues. Not only will debris clog your gutters, but stagnant water collected from rainstorms can attract insects and pests that damage roofs. Water can even seep into your roof and/or foundation!. Even if you have gutter guards in place, it’s always best to check for any fine debris that could be piling up in the gutter. Also, don’t forget to check your downspouts!

Trim and prune trees. Winter winds and storms can cause major damage to trees that are on your property. To ensure your home is out of harm’s way, it’s best to eliminate any branches or limbs near the roofline or sides of your home.
roofing in the winter
Check for crinkled caulk and damaged mortar. Any caulk on your roof or mortar around your fireplace that’s damaged (crinkled, wrinkled, or cracked) should be removed and replaced to prevent leaks and other possible damage.

Secure loose flashings and look for missing shingles. Any flashings that are loose or show signs of damage should be fixed or replaced. Look closely at all roof projections to prevent leaks. Any missing shingles must also be replaced at this time. If you have a different type of roof, check for damage or missing parts. For more delicate roofs, such as slate or clay tiles, you may want to hire a professional.

Look up at the ceilings. Inspect the interior of your home for signs of moisture, leaks, mold, warped wood, etc. The position of a stain, for example, can point to the origin of the problem. Check your attic, too. Insulation and ventilation are important factors in your home’s health. A poorly insulated and ventilated attic can result in mildew and mold or even heavy icicles. If you can see any ceiling joists, you should add an extra layer of insulation.

Schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning. Not only will this help prevent fires, but you can rest assured that your chimney is structurally sound. The constant freeze and thaw cycle can cause damage that may go unnoticed by the average homeowner.
roof in winter diagram
Install snow guards. Snow falling off the roof seem like a good thing, right? The issue lies in the weight and speed of falling snow. Snow guards will help protect the lower roof, gutters, vents, and everything below the roof, including you!

Relax. Being proactive during warmer weather can help lead to a more peaceful and a safe winter. Now you can get back to enjoying the holidays and family time.

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