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Fall is The Best Season for Roof Repair!

If you or your neighbor were in the path of a storm that brought with it damaging winds or hail, now is the right time to make absolutely certain you don’t have roof damage. Roofers know fall is the most opportune time for homeowners to have a roof inspection and roof repair for the following reasons:

  • Fall Typically Marks the End of Tumultuous Weather
  • Conditions are Perfect for Roof Repairs and Replacements
  • Frigid Winter Weather Presents Challenges for Roofers
  • Winter Storms Can Turn Small Roof Problems into Costly Repairs
  • Fall Roofing Fixes Mean Winter Savings for Homeowners

Fall Typically Marks the End of Tumultuous Weather

Spring and summer months traditionally bring with them the most severe and damaging weather. The strong wind and hail that often come with that weather leads to roof damage most homeowners don’t know exists. The fall months present the ideal time to have a free roof inspection to ensure any damage is identified and repaired. The drier days make for easier installation and repairs for roofers, and less delays.

Conditions are Perfect for Roof Repairs and Replacements

Roofing experts are in agreement. Roofing is best installed when temperatures are between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s especially true when it comes to asphalt shingles, which are most commonly used on residential homes. The cooler temperatures help with the thermal sealing of the shingles, ensuring they properly stick to the roof.

Frigid Winter Weather Presents Challenges for Roofers

As frigid temperatures settle in, shingles become brittle, making any roof repair a very delicate process. When nails are forced into the shingle, they can break more easily in the winter months. That’s why some roofers put away their nail guns and opt for hand nailing the shingles to the roof. It can lead to longer installations and a higher cost in some cases.

Winter Storms Can Turn Small Roof Problems into Costly Repairs

Winter storms can make existing roof damage much worse. Small holes that already exist can become larger through the winter months, leading to leaks that can be very damaging to the interior of homes. In an area prone to heavy snowfall, the weight of the snow on an already compromised roof, can very quickly lead to expensive repairs.

Fall Roofing Fixes Mean Winter Savings for Homeowners

By repairing or replacing roofs in the fall, homeowners will benefit financially through the winter months by having better insulation over their home. New roofs help reduce heating bills, helping to offset any part of the cost of the roof work.

Beyond getting a damaged roof repaired or replaced before the winter, there are steps every homeowner can take to prevent roof damage through the cold winter months. Those steps include:

  • Cleaning the Gutters – The drainage system along the edge of a roof helps collect and remove water from your home. Leaves that fall throughout the autumn months lead to clogs and pooling on the rooftop. With the cooler temperatures, that water can turn to ice, making the situation worse. Pooling water on the roof can also lead to mold and mildew growing on the roof’s surface.
  • Removing Debris from Rooftops –When strong winds sweep through the area, litter can end up on the roof. Any small objects left on the roof can break or dissolve the shingles. Nuts and berries that have fallen on the roof can also temp pests, which can often lead to costly damage as well.
  • Treating Mold and Mildew –If your shingles are starting to turn green, yellow or black, you could have a moss, algae, mildew or mold problem. Those elements can damage shingles and the sheathing underneath.
  • Sealing Around Pipes and Other Rooftop Fixtures –Any shingle that has been cut into in any way to create a space for fixtures makes an entry way for water into the home. Fall is the perfect time to reseal puncture points to prevent water from seeping inside.
  • Trimming the Branches –Winter brings on heavy snowfall that can knock down any loose branches. When branches fall on a roof, it often damages shingles. To prevent this from happening, trim tree branches over the roof before winter arrives.
  • Getting a FREE Inspection –Now is the perfect time to schedule an inspection to be sure you don’t have any damage from recent storms that brought with them strong winds and hail. Remember, even the smallest area of damage can compromise the integrity of your shingles, leading to leaks and costly repairs inside your home.

The Exterior Company offers FREE, no obligation inspections. When you call our team of roofing experts, we send a trained professional to inspect your roof. If our team should find damage, we work with you to see if insurance will cover the cost of your roof repair or replacement. Most homeowners are surprised to learn that damage on their roof is covered when it’s the result of a storm. Remember, most damage can’t be seen from the ground, so call us today and we’ll take a closer look.

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