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We believe that it is important to stay informed and updated on the latest industry developments

and practices. This is why we attend tradeshows and conferences with suppliers and

manufacturers. By staying engaged, we are able to find out ways in which we can provide a

better service to our customers. We are able to develop our knowledge by attending training

sessions and talking with company representatives at vendor exhibits.

At the ABC Supply Tradeshow in King of Prussia this year, we learned of a new product, a

pipe boot that is guaranteed for 50 years. Pipe boots are a weak link of sorts on the roof – they

cannot last as long as your lifetime shingles. Granted, they are not a difficult or expensive item

to replace. However, having a roofing system with all components guaranteed for life is certainly

an extra benefit to the homeowner. By staying engaged in the industry, we will have the benefit

of making this quality item standard on all of our roofing systems, long before it becomes

standard with other companies.

We take education about the industry so seriously that we are attending the IRC Summit for

2014, held in Frisco, Texas. We will expect to learn about how to better serve our insurance

restoration customers. We expect to be able to learn about how to better interact with the

insurance companies, allowing you, the customer, to receive all the benefits that are due to you

in your claim.

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